VAS Aero Services Unveils Refreshed Corporate Brand Identity Embracing ‘Heritage Green’

The new corporate look underscores VAS’s heritage of aircraft life cycle management and reflects the company’s position as a valued subsidiary of Satair
  • Sep 19, 2023
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Boca Raton, FL –

VAS Aero Services Unveils Refreshed Corporate Brand Identity

VAS Aero Services, a global leader in aviation logistics and aftermarket services, launched its new corporate brand identity with the introduction of its new “heritage green” logo - a nod to previous VAS branding, as well as enhanced aligned tagline, “a Satair service company”.

Encompassing the new logo, new corporate colors and type font, as well as the tagline signaling the company’s close alliance with aviation aftermarket leader Satair, VAS’s refreshed corporate identity is being rolled out across external channels and in the organization.

“Long-term customers, business partners and followers of VAS Aero Services will still recognize us in this new look. By design, we’ve kept some elements of who we are and have been,” notes VAS CEO Tommy Hughes. “But our new identity is also an indication of where VAS is going, in terms of our close affiliation with Satair, our emphasis on innovation and our unwavering commitment to aircraft lifecycle management and promoting second-life aircraft solutions.”

Satair, an Airbus Services company, acquired VAS Aero Services a year ago, establishing VAS as a wholly owned stand-alone subsidiary. That acquisition has created a global aviation support services organization with greater geographic reach and a broader depth of aviation logistics and aftermarket services.

Commenting on the smooth transition to Satair ownership, Hughes states that “Since joining Satair, VAS has seen a significant growth in the acquisition of used serviceable materials and the expansion of its customer base. We have more active programs under management than at any time in the company’s 40-plus-year history. Together with Satair, we are validating the aviation industry’s focus on extending the lifecycle of aircraft and utilizing opportunities to recycle material.”

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VAS Aero Services is a global leader in aviation logistics, aircraft transition management and aftermarket services, helping keep airlines flying around the world. VAS sources, warehouses, and markets aftermarket components across a broad range of aircraft and engine platforms and provides related services to airlines, MROs and OEMs, supplying more than 1,000,000 different parts to its customers. VAS Aero Services is an independent subsidiary of Satair and a member of the Airbus Group of companies. For more information, please visit

VAS Aero Services is a leading provider of aviation parts and services. We help keep airlines flying around the world.
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